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Welcome to the Space Coast Writers' Guild, dedicated to encouraging, instructing and developing writers of all genres. We're all about writers and writing, transforming wishes into reality, ideas into words. We offer a variety of programs and speakers at our monthly meetings, along with an opportunity to meet others who are dealing with deadlines, characters who won't cooperate, rejections, re-writes, contract dilemmas, unresponsive editors, and agent searches. Whether you have published for years and in several different languages, or are pre-published and hoping, the Guild has something for you. If this is your first visit, please take a moment to explore all we have to offer from the menus above.

Upcoming Events

The Main Meetings of the Guild are held the third Saturday of each month at 1 pm. at the West Melbourne Public Library* at 2755 Wingate Boulevard (directions). Meetings begin with a brief business meeting with announcements, welcome of new members, introduction of the Board members and treasurer's report, followed by a presentation of some aspect of writing by our monthly speaker. Following the speaker, there is a time for socializing and book signings.

9/20/2014: September General Meeting: Tauhida Parveen, "Collaborative Writing" (more...)
10/18/2014: October General Meeting: Mia Crews & Karlene Conroy, Florida Writers Association. "An Overview of Writers Resources in Brevard County" (more...)
11/15/2014: November General Meeting: David Clark "The Elements of Fiction"

September General Meeting

Tauhida Parveen: Collaborative Writing

ABSTRACT: What is it like to collaborate on a large technical document written by 11 people from 8 countries, where the authors speak 6 different languages, where there are over 1,200 suggested changes from an international body of reviewers, and where there are strict time and length limits that constrain the project? Tauhida Parveen will speak about her experience as lead editor for the "ISTQB Agile Tester Extension Syllabus," a document that is used by testers and trainers worldwide to prepare for agile testing certification. Tauhida will also comment on some of the technology that made this writing effort easier -- and some that just got in the way.

BIO: Tauhida Parveen is on the Board of Directors of the American Software Testing Qualifications Board (ASTQB). She provides corporate education and training in software testing and cloud computing. She is a faculty member at Keiser University, where she is the Program Director for Software Engineering. She has a PhD from the Florida Institute of Technology and an MBA from the University of Central Florida.

October General Meeting

TITLE: An Overview of Writers Resources in Brevard County

ABSTRACT: Mia Crews and Karlene Conroy will discuss the wide variety of writers groups on the Space Coast for writers of all levels. From the Florida Writers Association to Screenwriters of Brevard, Romance Writers of America and The National League of American Pen Women, Brevard County is rich with resources.

Join these two published authors as they discuss opportunities to mingle with and learn from writers of many genres, poets, and screenwriters in person or on the Internet.

BIOGRAPHY: Karlene Conroy & Mia Crews just finished a three-year stint as leaders of the Florida Writers Association Melbourne Group. Like their heroines in the book they co-wrote, Last Stop Paradise, they are friends and full-fledged members of the Sandwich Generation, with all the ups and downs that brings. The two struggled through some frustrating and difficult times while writing the book, including caring for their elderly mothers with health and memory issues, all while remaining active in a variety of writers groups.

Karlene is a member of Romance Writers of America (RWA), has authored several short stories and novels, and is a singer/songwriter. Lyrics from one of her songs, Loveís Calling, appear in Last Stop Paradise.

Mia is president of the Cape Canaveral branch of The National League of American Pen Women. She was Floridaís Pen Woman of the Year 2007; and is the author of five Silhouette romances and too many newspaper articles to count.

Both are founding members of the RWA chapter SpacecoasT Authors of Romance (STAR); Mia was the first official president; Karlene was vice president. Karlene and Mia are co-owners of Silk Oak Publishing LLC where they provide self-publication services such as editing, manuscript formatting and conversions, book covers and website design. Learn more at: www.editorofbooks.com.

*According to requirements of the American Disability Act (ADA), organizations using library meeting rooms may be required to provide special accommodations for those citizens requesting assistance within 48 hours of the scheduled meeting time. Organizations are required to provide hearing devices and/or make special arrangements at the citizenís request.

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The Don Quixote Girls
Conroy, Karlene

Pinky Visits the Seashore
Granny J

Speaking Ill of the Dead: Jerks in Florida History
Wright, E. Lynne

First Communication
Osterman, J.P.

Count to Ten with Pinky and Friends
Granny J

Behold, an Ashen Horse
Boyland, Lee


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