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SCWG congratulates the following published book authors!

If you are a current member and would like to post your book(s) on our Author page, please send your name along with a image of the book cover to Bill Allen at ballen@scwg.org. Also, report missing or incorrect information, broken links, etc. to ballen@scwg.org.

Adams, KitSpanish Cedar: Preserving the Art of the Cigar Experience

Allen, BillHanging by a Thread
Journals of Myrth, Book 1: How to Slay a Dragon
Journals of Myrth, Book 2: How to Save a Kingdom
Journals of Myrth, Book 3: How to Stop a Witch
Orson Buggy's Big Fang Theory
Orson Buggy's Lessons for Losers
Orson Buggy's Separation Anxiety

Baggett, JohnFinding the Good in Grief: Rediscover Joy After A Life-Changing Loss
Seeing Through the Eyes of Jesus
Times of Tragedy and Moments of Grace

Bonner, Anne Angel's True Love, A Saga of Love and Seduction
Beyond Pine Haven
Endearing Love Mayhem during Reconstruction
Feeling The Love Florida had two major battles: Battle of Olustee and Battle of Natural Bridge
Florida Fever A love story amidst politics and murder
Intrigue at Pine Haven
Secrets at Pine Haven - Civil War Comes to Florida
Shattered Dreams at Pine Haven
Sinful Love Under a Blood Moon An evil omen
Sweet Dreams at Pine Haven

Boyland, LeeAmerica Reborn
Behold, an Ashen Horse
Pirates and Cartels
Revolution 2016
The Rings of Allah

Buckingham, BruceThe Dream Keepers and Other Short Stories
The Last Snowman in Paris

Burrows, SusanThe Red Suitcase

Chesher, R. DonnaThe End: Closing Lines of Over 3,000 Theatrically-Released American Films

Davis, Gene H.Kissing Camels: Dromedarious And Camela
Murder at the Blue Ridge Barbecue Festival

Didier, CarolApache Promise
Apache Warrior
Apache Winter
Navajo Dawn
Navajo Night
Navajo Sunset
Shoshoe Sunrise
Trivia, Tea and Me

Donnelly, Yolande12 Lives 12 Signs

Fay, GailBattles of the Civil War
Economies around the World
Malcolm X
Sports: The Ultimate Teen Guide
Using Money

Fisher, JoanneWith All of Me

Flanagan, Kathryn C.Beyond the Fine Line

Foley, Cindy I, Clawed Book One: The Renewal
Chase A Dream Today
The Truth Lies... A Florida Saga
Water Drops

Friedlander, TerriChasing Her Destiny
The Dorm

Froelich, ValerieThe Crystal and the Child

Heavner, JayBraddock's Gold
Death at Windover
Fool's Wisdom
Hunter's Moon

Henderson, JoyceA Special Kind of Parenting
Before You Call Mom
Children of the Kingdom
I Speak for Éire
So You Have to Do a Science Fair Project
Starting a Successful Writing Business
Strategies for Winning Science Fair Projects
To Rule the Wind
Victoria's Promise
Wedding of My Dreams
Who Am I That I Should Go?: A Guide to Short-term Missions

Hodges, PaulEddie Ends the Game

Insula, PeggyHow Not to Steal a Car
Just Murder
   (with Elizabeth Hood)
Letters to Uncle Jeb
Murder Runs in My Family: A Dunwhodit Mystery
Pearls: An Anthology
Sudsy: Infestation? Intervention? Invasion
Vain Imaginings
   (Where am I going, and why am I in this handbasket?)
You're No Body 'til Somebody Kills You

Jackson, BettyAdvent Adventure Devotional Guide
And God Chose Joseph: A Christmas Story
Beyond Easter: Ascension and Pentecost
Bless You Bouquets: A Memoir
Christmas is Coming at Whispering Woods
It's a God Thing!
Job Loss: What's Next? A Step by Step Action Plan
My Psalms: A Devotional Guide
Rocking Chair Porch: Summers with Grandma
Seaside Serendipity
Splendid Springtime at Whispering Woods
Thanksliving: Attitude of Gratitude
Whispering Woods
Winter Wonderland at Whispering Woods

Kicha, LouThe Deadly Ocean

McGrath, AshleyUnabASHed by Disability

Miller, KenSwimming with Sharks and Dolphins
   A 42.5 Year Journey in Education

Nelson, JamesMenagerie of Broken Dreams
The Black Orchid
The Butterfly Conspiracy
The Maze at Four Chimneys
The Peacock Prophecy
The Pilot
Unsafe Harbor

Norton, CarlaDisturbed Ground
Perfect Victim
   (Co-author Christine McGuire)
The Edge of Normal
What Doesn't Kill Her

Osterman, J.P.Astrocity Sagan
   Book III of the Nelta Series
Battlefield Matrix
   Book II of the Nelta Series
Commuter Collection
Corporate Revenge
Cosmic Rift
Dimension Mind
   A Theory of Consciousness
First Communication
   Book I of the Nelta Series
God Designed: 366 Days of Inspiration
Pareidolia: Science Fiction Short Stories
Pete's Crossroad
Suddenly Gone: Grieving to Healing
The Screaming Stone

Padrick, RoseThe Absolute Best Way To Make The Holidays Stress Free…..Almost!

Parrish, CliffPursuits of April Lane
The Age For Revenge

Parveen, Tauhida50 Signs of Writing Success: How to Know You've (Really) Made It

Rau, EdwardRocky Water

Rhodes, HankThe Brain Dead Manager

Siegel, Kandi M.A Dog For Leo
Bubby the Baker
Cooking with Kandi
Looking Back, No Regrets, Memoirs from the Heart
My Summer Triumph
Rainbow of Mine
Rainbow of Mine (The Coloring Book)
Sammy the Helper

Tilley, Scott50 Signs of Writing Success: How to Know You've (Really) Made It
Hacktivists Anonymous
Systems Analysis and Design

Vasquez, AndyStronger Than Blood

Vlahovic, GeneThe Artisan: Love in the Time of Horror

von Koenigseck, Edward (co-author)Technical Writing for Private Industry: The a to Z of O and M Manuals

West, LaQuinciaSpark of the Night - Crystalline Light

Wright, E. LynneDisasters and Heroic Rescues of Florida
Florida Disasters: True Stories of Tragedy and Survival
Florida: Mapping the Sunshine State Through History (with Vincent Virga)
It Happened in Florida
More Than Petticoats: Remarkable Florida Women
Myths and Mysteries of Florida
Speaking Ill of the Dead: Jerks in Florida History

Total Authors: 40Total Books: 148

In memoriam

Argo, Don DavidCanaveral Light
Briggs, KeeFinders-Keepers
The Painted War
The Third Removed
The Golden Janus & The Pewter Masks
The Nichel Trophy & The Bronze Bones
The Brass Portraits & The Zinc Ormolu
The Silver Scepter & The Rhodium Dragon
Fairchild, SallyConnections, Nothing Dentured Nothing Gained
Flaherty, RaymondHe Didn't Say Good-bye
Strangers Brothers
Pippin, Dr. D. Leon Naked With Clothes On
    Finding Faith Stronger than Fear
Pippin, Emily L.Christmas Memories
   Family Traditions and Symbols
Smith, PatrickA Land Remembered
The River is Home and Angel City
The Beginning
Forever Island and Allapattah
The Seas that Mourn
The Last Ride
In Search of the Russian Bear
Stone, Dr. Elaine MurrayDorothy Day: Champion of the Poor
The Taming of the Tongue
Saints of the Americas
C.S. Lewis: Creator of Narnia
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We hope you enjoy
these books by some
of our members:

Times of Tragedy and Moments of Grace
Baggett, John

Stronger Than Blood
Vasquez, Andy

Death at Windover
Heavner, Jay

The Brain Dead Manager
Rhodes, Hank

The Rings of Allah
Boyland, Lee

Winter Wonderland at Whispering Woods
Jackson, Betty

Pursuits of April Lane
Parrish, Cliff

Spanish Cedar: Preserving the Art of the Cigar Experience
Adams, Kit

It's a God Thing!
Jackson, Betty

Battlefield Matrix
Osterman, J.P.

Bless You Bouquets: A Memoir
Jackson, Betty

Just Murder
Insula, Peggy

Revolution 2016
Boyland, Lee

America Reborn
Boyland, Lee

The Black Orchid
Nelson, James

Braddock's Gold
Heavner, Jay

Fool's Wisdom
Heavner, Jay

Who Am I That I Should Go?: A Guide to Short-term Missions
Henderson, Joyce

How Not to Steal a Car
Insula, Peggy

Commuter Collection
Osterman, J.P.

Astrocity Sagan
Osterman, J.P.

To Rule the Wind
Henderson, Joyce

Pete's Crossroad
Osterman, J.P.

The Dorm
Friedlander, Terri

Navajo Night
Didier, Carol

Disturbed Ground
Norton, Carla

I, Clawed Book One: The Renewal
Foley, Cindy

Cosmic Rift
Osterman, J.P.

Letters to Uncle Jeb
Insula, Peggy

The Last Snowman in Paris
Buckingham, Bruce

Angel's True Love, A Saga of Love and Seduction
Bonner, Anne

50 Signs of Writing Success: How to Know You've (Really) Made It
Parveen, Tauhida

The Dream Keepers and Other Short Stories
Buckingham, Bruce

Shoshoe Sunrise
Didier, Carol

Sammy the Helper
Siegel, Kandi M.

The Pilot
Nelson, James

Seaside Serendipity
Jackson, Betty

Looking Back, No Regrets, Memoirs from the Heart
Siegel, Kandi M.

Finding the Good in Grief: Rediscover Joy After A Life-Changing Loss
Baggett, John


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